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the word for yes by claire needell

the word for yes by claire needell -> goodreads
this book had a lot of potential. it's about three sisters who aren't exactly close (one has left for college, the other is something of a mean girl, and the third is shy and quirky), and on top of that, their parents have just split up. then one of the girls is raped at a party one night.
i really wouldn't consider that last bit a spoiler. this book is called 'the word for yes' and has a ghost of the word 'no' in the background, which was an obvious hint to me that this book would be about some kind of sexual assault and consent.
i liked this premise a lot. i feel like there really is not enough books about sexual assault and rape for young adults, especially not shown like this. the word for yes is memorable in that way, at least. it showed that rapists can be anyone, and captured the feelings of guilt and shame the victim must live with afterwards so well.
unfortunately, the execution of the story is whe…